Sunday, January 14, 2018

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Happy Sunday. Peaches here! As you will notice from our header I am no stranger to hats. In my opinion, a soft hat caresses the ears...I am always up for THAT!  Here I'm wearing a scrumptious blue crocheted hat that Ellen Pilch's (of 15 and Meowing) famous grammie made a couple years ago. Let me tell you it is a favorite in this household.

Paprika lying ON the hat, not wearing it!
For ME!  Paprika will have nothing to do with hats, she is on the wrong track but what can I do?  She will lie down ON it but won't put it on.
Side View (Me)

Oh well, I enjoy it enough for both of us.   I made sure in my picture that my pink toe pads show, as the blue and pink are a great combo!

Disclosure: we did post this last year but it's the only comfortable hat I have!  My human is into "virtual hats" but I insisted! Hope you don't mind.

Here is a link to National Dress Up Your Pet Day. We are invited to celebrate our pets but cautioned to make sure the costume fits and if your fur ball doesn't like it, give them a break!  - Love, Peaches the cat

We are joining Cat on My Head's Sunday blog hop today. Stop to HOP!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blue & Orange Calicos - Caturday Art

MOL, did you know it was US?  Our human is at it with the creative filters again! This one is from "PAINNT" - for IOS only!  We decided to take Marie & Atnena's suggestion and give this a try.  A few of the filters are free like "Xeneize" (this one). Otherwise there is a small subscription. 

We have some additional comments:

Peaches: I'm alittle outraged they turned my beautiful white vest to "orange." How did THAT happen?

Paprika:  I'm delighted they have enhanced MY orange vest!

Anyway we did have a fun time trying this out and back to our "real" selves tomorrow. We're joining Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop today & Happy Caturday to all!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Drama Queen Peaches - Tummy Tuesday

Peaches Story: 
My human did NOT pay enough attention to me over the holidays.  Therefore,  I surprised her when she entered the den by exhibiting THIS pose! Ta Da! Happy Tummy Tuesday.
 Whadaya think?

Carol the human's story:  
When I entered the den, I was amazed to see Peaches in THIS dramatic position, just waiting for my reaction. Unfortunately, no camera in hand!  HOLD IT! I cried urgently. Obligingly, Peaches stayed in this exact position while I got the camera.  She is a true "drama queen!"

Note: We received this gorgeous red and white fleece blanket from Sharon, Raz and Allie of Friends Furever blog.  Boy do we love it!  Thank you, Sharon!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Birds Birds and More Birds

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Never can we remember such an exciting week, watching those flying deals.  If we could only have one for OURSELVES! Our human told us it's so cold here in Connecticut we may see more and more of them.  Do YOU have these winged animals outside of YOUR hang out?  
Today we're joining Cat on My Head's blog hop and wishing Cooper Murphy a Happy Gotcha Day & Speedy Recovery!  Cooper Murphy, maybe they'll let you watch some burrrrds in the meantime!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Honoring Holiday Cards

Well our human disclosed to me she was going to put her holiday cards in an attractive basket instead of spread out all over MY table.

NOT YET! I meowed.  I must have my portrait taken next to these marvelous kitty cards.  Like she does in all things, my human obliged me and, well, here I AM with the cards! Tada!
- Peaches the Cat

The Art Effects:

Human's notes:  I used a variety of filters in  PS and PicMonkey * PicMonkey  to get a more"glowing" and colorful effect...the original picture was colorful but a bit blurry but I liked the colors!

The Original Photos:

We are joining Athena and Marie's Caturday Art today and look forward to visiting the other Kreative Kitties!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

East Coast Blizzard Watching!

We're loving this snow and those creatures with wings outside. What a bonanza!  Have you noticed how we look almost exactly alike form the back?   Our owners can't tell us apart when we turn our back to her! Is it blizzarding where YOU are?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sweet Memories..Catnipped Out from the Holidays

Paprika is all about serious NY resolutions, whereas  I am holding on to sweet holiday memories...our red & white house, MY red  & white blankie..catnip...catnip...catnip...Okay so it's not Tummy Tuesday, but I am having a, um, "readjustment" period after the holidays!  My human says "get over it!" How callous...don't you think?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Years Resolutions? What are those?

Hello, Paprika here! Attempting a very difficult task assigned to us by our human.  How will we be better cats this year?   Impossible! We're purrfect just as we are.  (if you believe that you'll believe anything...hee hee)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Wishing you a joyous year, glittering with all the things you love too do!
Wishing all a joy-filled year!

Hugs, Peaches & Paprika

PS: We know we look, er, a little gawdy but our human specifically told us we can be glitter-cats once a year!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Our 2 Story Red Christmas Cat Castle

 What cat would not want to live in a castle?  The above  is a VERry short fun slideshow of how it all went down! Enlarge screen when watching and it has music!

in case you have trouble with the slideshow or prefer pictures, here are a few. It won't surprise you to know that we territorial creatures and therefore had to make numerous decisions as to who would occupy what part of the 2 family castle and when.  So here's our little story

Okay for a special gift, our human got us our own 2 story 2 cat red Christmas castle from Target


I, Peaches, helped. I figured that would get me that best spot the fastest.  Here I am in the assembly line.

I helped considerably by providing moral support as you can see.

This House better be all for ME!

I lost no time in climbing up to the penthouse as soon as felinely possible!I

Mine, all mine!
Uh Oh. I hear something. I think it's PAPRIK!


PAPRIKA is really overly dramatic and into show-offy acrobatics.  Do you really think she needed to get up on that great big high cabinet, just to climb on this little castle?

Oh NO, she's gotten into MY house. How do I get her out?

There must be a way to get her outa there!

WAIT  How did we get in here TOGETHER?
Paprika I am NOT Pleased

I will try out the bottom of the castle maybe that's the answer!

I'm goin' IN!

No good either, feel like I'm in jail!

Likes she's on top now!  I'm outa here!
I have found the solution!

I will take a nap and then I can pretend I'm alone!
Napping solves all problems!

It is also good to stretch and take up as much room as possible
so the other occupant doesn't get any ideas.

Well all in all we must say we DO love this castle! Even if we have to share the real estate!

Our Red & White Week-Caturday Art

Today we're joining Athena and Marie's Caturday art hop, celebrating a wonderful  red & white week.  First, we want to show off a collage we made of some of our Secret Paws gifts from Friends Furever...AND...our new "red and white" christmas castle - a present from our doting human! AND a stunning red and white handmade FLEECE blanket by Friends Furever's Sharon S-part of our Secret Paws.

The girls occupy their time by arguing over "who gets the top shelf in the castle" and "who gets the fleece blanket."  

You can guess who's usually on top!

Our new blanket from Secret Paws friend, Friends Furever! (modeled by Peaches the cat)

Fortunately t here's enough Red and White to go around this year.

The collage pix were  created or enhanced PicMonkey and photoshop!  

Friday, December 29, 2017

Our O So Thrilling Secret Paws Event

About Secret Paws

So this year for the 2nd time we participated in the scrumptious Secret Paws event, organized by Ms. Paula of Sweet Purrfections.   To read more about it, check the link above!  We got amazing & thoughtful gifts from the blog, Friends Furever.

The joy of this annual event is that we get to have tons of fun picking out toys, presents, treats and what have you for our "Secret Correspondent" while some lucky kitty & their human are doing the same for us!  AND THEN WE GET TO OPEN OUR PRESENTS!  

The Box Arrival

This year Friends Furever, composed of kitties Raz, Allie, Noelle & their mon, sharon were our secret paws!  It was an incredible bonanza involving a "Silver Cat, " a Palm Tree, a Lollipoop, er Lollipop wand toy, a scrrrratcher and la piece de resistance, a fleecy santa-cat blanket MADE by Ms. Sharon  Naturally, I, Peaches, inspected the Fedex box upon arrival and found it satisfactory most satisfactory. I know this because I am a trained cat-detective.


After that thurrrilling arrival we had to WAIT impatiently patiently for DAYS. We DID get a good sniff or two of the packages while  waiting, and we (kinda) enjoyed our preliminary inspection.

Opening Day

So exciting! Again we impatiently patiently waited as the colorful packages were laid out for us.  Paprika tried to get ahead of me, she is the nosier of us two.

The Green Palm Tree Toy

Wouldn't you know it, since our Secret Paws friends were from FLORIDA they couldn't resist rubbing it in about our cold New England winters (we live in Connecticut) and sent a green p
alm tree toy.  I was enthralled but didn't get to enjoy it long. That scoundrel, Paprika, STOLE it, ran away & hid it somewhere. Two days later I still don't know where she put it.  SCANDALOUS!


The next intriguing package was a Scccrrrratcher!  Yummm..I started sharpening my claws on it immediately.  It had a "red monster" on it but that didn't scare ME! It felt very delicious to my claws!

That's it, with the green stem sticking out!

The colorful Lollipop Wand Toy

 Okay so this time I did let my sisfur Paprika in on the fun. Though I am NOT a sharing cat I do make an exception for wand toys. Our wand toy was very colorful--red, green, yellow,  Well we both had a blast with it as anyone can see!

wand toy further inspection
Peaches carried away with wand toy


The Amazing Red & White Santa Cat Blanket

Talk about thurrrrrrrilling! What can be better than A FLEECE blanket. And we later learned it was Hand Made
by Mom Sharon. We couldn't get enough of that blanket. It is VERY pretty. AND SOFT! It has a reversible red side, too. Here I am, trying it out in my full glory. In fact I DO consider it "MY" blanket! 

Nice Try Paprika!
Here you will notice PAPRIKA tried to act like it was HER blanket. She pretended she was just trying to show off it's reversible red side. Don't believe her! She wants to get the blanket away from me!

My "Cheesecake" shots on the Santa Blanket

A few cheesecake red and white blanket shots should convince you this blanket is MINE!

Maybe I should just hang out & take a little relaxed nap to cement the deal!

Or a formal portrait may be in order!

The Silver Cat

The last item we opened was apparently a gift for our human!  (Too bad, see below) It is a beautiful silver cat (pewter?) which stands by itself and has room for a photo in the middle of it. Our human was awed and put it on her mantel.  Isn't it beautiful!

Now there IS more to this silver cat story. You see me and Paprika were & are Verrrry interested in this cat. Check out our reaction in the photos.  We both wanted to kiss him and Paprika tried to hang out with him during her morning birdwatch.  It could be we are attracted to the FISH hanging out of his silver jaws!  Okay so we're nuts. Takes all kinds!

Signing Off

Paprika communing with silver cat

Well goodbye for now. Thanks for reading about our "grand event." 

And a special special thanks to Ms. Sharon 

and her Friends Furever gang 

and Ms. Paula. 
I, Peaches checking him out
Signing off to go interact with our new delectables!

Paprika keeping company with Siulver Cat during bird watch excursion