Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'll do the licking, no I'll do the licking! Peaches and Paprika indulge in an ear-washing escapade that turns into a wrestling match.  The question:  who is the licker and who is the lickee???

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The New Calico Quilt? IT'S OURS & WE'RE GOING TO KEEP IT!


We just GOT this quilt & I hear Carol wants to exchange it
Carol ordered this spectacular quilt THEN decided the pattern was too “busy” for her cluttered den. Well we couldn’t let her return it and get a plain one. This is our first calico quilt and we’re hanging onto it. My method is crawling below the covers and hiding in it so they can’t remove me or the quilt. Paprika and I spend half our time guarding it and giving Carol beseeching looks. And not budging. This way she CAN’t return it.
No way! I'm hiding inside this quilt so it can't be removed!
No one can see me n here (I think)
How 'bout these classy feet!
Paprika's way of keeping the quilt is to go to sleep on it!
Under the sheets...
PLEASE don't take our quilt!!!
See how good I look on this quilt!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

EVERY GOOD CALICO DESERVES A CALICO QUILT!  Here, Peaches gives Paprika her weekly "ear wash" and is thanked afterwards!

Monday, March 16, 2015


Wishing you the happiest St Patrick's Day with lots of corned beef! (hope we don't have to wear these hats too long!)


Carol, who bothers us with her camera all the time gave us some pretty green baskets. The baskets were a joy to settle into...but then we learned we have to wear...horrors...HATS!

Nice Basket...

I could take a nap here right now!

OMG...I think she's bringing...HATS! NO, no....


After having a narrow escape at a NYC animal shelter, being rescued by Marys Kitty Korner in Connecticut, we succeeded in charming our hostess Carol, who took us to a much nicer "forever home." Here are a two pictures of our first timid explorations. (We're not that timid any more.


I like to relax on my back posing for pictures & showing off my beautiful white fur. My acrobatic sister Paprika likes to show off by jumping on high objects like doors and shelves. I think it's childish myself!

Carol and the Calicos

Here I am, holding my two calico-tiger stars, Peaches and Paprika. They are now four years old.
 I am holding Peaches (white paws) and Paprika is hanging out on our cat condo.  They are lovely imaginative cats with kaleidoscopic colors of black,white and orange, mixed with stripes.  They'll tell you more themselves!
Good morning, world! I am Peaches the cat (I'm on top (naturally)
with the fashionable white vest. My sister Paprika (below where she belongs) looks similar to me but is not NEAR as beautiful or charming.  She DOES have an orange vest, though.
Peaches, the Diva

Paprika - small and earnest