Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Peaches, Paprika and the Pilch Blue Bonnet

Meant to link this yesterday but wanted to do a rainbow bridge tribute to Stinky instead so am linking it today! Without further ado, we present Peaches own comments!
Peaches: Blue is OUR color, don't you agree?  And now to explain this delectable blue bonnet we are enjoying...You may think this is yet another gift from my human's lucrative Christmas visit over the hills & valleys to Pilch's place....but NOoooo, this blue bonnet comes from an earlier excursion to a fun cat show in Strubridge Mass where I met Ellen Pilch of 15 and Meowing blog for the first
time and she gave me...this delectable BLUE BONNET made by the famous Phoebe's Grammie...a talented lady indeed.  Paprika and I thought we should model the blue bonnet from all angles so you could see how it augments our calico charms...well okay so we're feeling conceited today.  
I've always been at my best upside down


PAPRIKA my sneaky sisfur soon got in the act...

and learning it was "Tummy Tuesday" yesterday

insisted upon posing for multiple "cheesecake" shots!
Paprika: It's LEGIT!  It's tummy Tuesday! This blue bonnet is perfect
against my midriff, it's okay isn't it?

Thank you again Ms. Ellen of www.15and meowing and Grammie for this delectable  blue bonnet!  We love the way our ears come right out of it


  1. That is such a great blue bonnet. You two ladies look mighty good in it. That is so neat your ears just fit right in there.

  2. I think it was super nice of http://www.15andmeowing.com to make that darling bonnet for you! ( wanted to be sure to list her blog, because those reading that might not know who Pilch is, would probably like to know that she has a blog)

  3. That is a pretty blue bonnet, and it looks like you both are enjoying it.

  4. Both of your girls look adorable in the bonnet. :)

  5. Mum was admiring your blue bonnet but we had to tell her we don't wear hats!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. You girls sure do look pretty in blue, Peaches and Paprika! I wish I looked that good in a bonnet. Purrs!