Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vintage Peaches and Paprika..Sunday Selfie & Caturday ARt

I liked the pictures of me and "the girls" from right after my trip when they were so unusually friendly so decided to convert them in to "vintage" for Caturday Art day using kimi frames. Love those frames!  (And then on SUNDAY I realized these were ALSO "for real" selfies, so I sneaked them hereto join the Sunday blog hop~ Hope youze don't mind! ) Peaches and I are lounging around in the first two and Paprika's portraits are below. Which one do you like the best?

After adapting the Kimi Frame I went to PICMONKEY to do the lettering and add the frame using the photocorners.

Both of us!
Now...time to check out the other animals today for the Sunday blog hop:


  1. the photos are just lovely thanks for sharing zen hugs and purrs from frankie and lorraine

  2. Absolutely love how everything turned out!!!! So very sweet and beautiful :)

  3. Very beautiful!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. The pictures look lovely in those frames.

  5. Those came out great. You are so good at editing- and photography too, of course.

  6. How lovely! I adore all things vintage, and these are no exception. Purrs!

  7. Really sweet and vintage pretty... love those sweet photos <3
    Purrz from the Katie Katz.

    btw – Guero am feeling soo much betters – he gotted his easy on today and did a sleepy selfie.

  8. Such sweet and loving shots. Everybody looks so happy!

  9. Very nice and artistic selfies!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. We love them all...they're perfectly beautiful!!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. Ooooh they look simply LOVELY We love them, well done your Mum!!

  12. We can't choose, Peaches and Paprika, they are all beautiful and when we saw your mommy smiling, together with you two, we had a big smile too :)
    Thank you for bringing words of comfort to our bloggie. We appreciate it very much :) <3

    1. Forgot the Pawkisses, so here they are :) <3 <3