Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rennovation Cats - Part 1 - Peaches & Paprika

PEACHES: Well construction day is tomorrow, but today there is an important job to do:  Packing up the kitchen cabinets!  Well naturally, we had to snoopervise big time...!

I want it to be known, I, Peaches the Cat, am in charge here!

If there's boxing to be done, it's time to go into action!


I, Paprika. am no slouch when it comes to investigations!  For example, I can get in high places and look down on all the 

Here I am, taking a rest in a special dry cleaning bag.



So here I am, in the center of all the activity.

THEN..I went MISSING! But my human (darn!) found me hiding inside a cubby hole...but I had forgotten to hide my leg and toes!

One important thing: no one had better take my leopard hidey toy!

But why is the coffee-maker in the living room?

To be continued....


  1. Make sure she remembers where she put the treats
    Lily & Edward

  2. I hope there's lotsa boxes to play in!

  3. We hope your soopervising skills are up for the coming days! We bet you're going to be busy!

  4. I love your leopard hidey toy! It's obvious you take your work very seriously, Peaches.

  5. that is a hard job but you are both such pawesome assistants!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Oh, this is going to be quite an adventure for you girls! You sure did a fantastic job snoopervising, too!