Sunday, July 15, 2018

Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

This week featured a really cool holiday but it involved a foursome and there are only two of us! To build our quartet, we invited guest artist BASIL, from the esteemed creative quarters, Bionic Basil blog. Basil proved to be an accomplished singer & we could not have done it without him.  Thank you, Basil. On the far right is our friend, Keebler, from Our Companions shelter who is just learning to sing.  We weren't too crazy at first at sharing our blog with OTHER CATS, but our human convinced us it was all in the interest of science, art and music...

You will notice, Paprika thought she was being so smart, wearing a red bow tie which did not match our black ones.  Just ignore her!

You can read more about Barbershop Music Appreciation Day (which was July 13) HERE.  May all of you be blessed with the best of barbershop music this year!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Body Painting Day celebrated by 30 Cats

Body Painting Day which should NOT be just for humans was celebrated on our Facebook page when 30 brave cats agreed to change their colors just for the day! Black cats became red, White cats became pink and we cannot even tell you what happened to us Calicos! Check out this link or the show below  to see our wild colorful event!


We're joining Cat on My Head's Blog Hop today to celebrate!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Homecoming Cartoons

For the last day of Cat Adoption month, we describe our own adoptions! In the pictures below, I explain how brazen flirtation + pleadings resulted in a great adoption! 
- Peaches the Cat

This is the very first pic of me on Petfinder...taken by a talented photographer named Tara at Marys Kitty Korner.. My human fell in love with me instantly. I have to confess...I WAS flirting with the Petfinder photographer!

This pretty white Connecticut house, Marys Kitty Korner,  was our temporary home after our narrow escape from the NYACC Kill shelter in NYC.  We lucked out!

I stationed myself in the sunniest window in the house near 

the entrance so I could take sunbaths AND monitor visitors!

I made sure I was noticed by various "purr-formances" I gave

This is my sis-fur Paprika in the next room , always with the "woe is me" countenance.  I'm not too fond of this approach. Luckily she has ME to entice all the visitors!

Admittedly, we were both lucky to end up in these temporary digs...they even have a sun & playroom for us cats!

Finally it is time for an all out PLEA!

 A few last "moves" may be the clincher!

The "Pitch"!

Finally the time arrived, and we became "chosen cats!"

Once in our new digs, we wondered...was it fur good?

My first portrait at chez Carol!

RESOLVED! We're staying! Being allowed to explore was a very good sign!

Thanks to Marys Kitty Korner for keeping us happy and healthy during our wait for our Furver Home!!!

This weekend we are going to join Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop And Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop!  Happy weekend to all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cat Forgiveness Day

We were all set to sprawl out for Tummy Tuesday when we learned it is Forgiveness Day!  This day comes 3x a year but one cannot celebrate it too often. Without further ado, I wish to join the spirit of the day and make a LONg list of what I forgive Paprika for!

I, Peaches, wish to tell you, Paprika, my fur sib
  1.I furr-give you for your show-offy acrobatics
2. and jumping on doors where I can't get at you
3. For snarling at me when I was only joking with you
4. For pouncing on my back when I don't feel like playing
We are not kittens any more!

I, Paprika, have a few things I will forgive my big sis-fur Peaches for:

1. for being bigger than me
2. for trying to intimidate me by raising a white paw
3. For your overly showy flamboyant colors
4. For thinking the cat condo is all yours
3. For lying on your back all the time like a Femme Fatale

Come to think of it I don't know if I fur-give you fur THAT!

There is another fur-giveness day next month and we may have more to add to this list. 

Then again, maybe not!

Please forgive your fur-sibs, your playmates and your humans for all you can manage and you will be rewarded with catnip dreams....