Tuesday, March 27, 2018

‪#QuirkyCountryMusicSongTitlesDay‪ Peaches and Paprika

There is a fun holiday today called "Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day.  Although our human lives in Connecticut She's from Oklahoma and couldn't resist celebrating the day.  We got to sing some of our favorite "country" songs! - Paprika the cat

I started singing ONLY to be corrected by my sisfur.

Peaches puts in her two cents worth!

Peaches couldn't resist rubbing a little salt into the wounds

This interchange made me sad and blue, remembering loves lost. But then I remembered my favorite song, "Heartaches by the Number!"

I did lay it on a little thick, remembering another country song I liked:

By now Peaches had about all she could take

She decided the only way I'd get rid of the blues was to sing a duet with me!  Happy Ending!